The Mash Report had to censor Boris Johnson quotes because they breach Dave’s guidelines

It was good news when the Dave TV channel picked up the Mash Report after it was dropped by the BBC, because we’d hate to have seen the last of their biting satirical takes.

Such as this NSFW message on behalf of women.

We couldn’t leave out this far too real guide to reducing immigration.

And if you’re confused about BBC impartiality, this might help.

So …they left the BBC, but kept their satirical chops. This is what Ellie Taylor and Jason Forbes had to say this week about the government’s call for a more respectful public discourse.


We can’t tell you exactly what was said, but there was definitely a homophobic slur, some more than casual racism and a sizeable portion of misogyny.

Nish Kumar put it in a sarcastic nutshell.

The namechecked James O’Brien appreciated it.

And this is how it landed with a few other tweeters.

If you were wondering where the decidedly disrespectful label for Mr James O’Brien came from …

Oh, Nadine!


People are enjoying The Mash Report’s takedown of Andrew Neil after he said this about the BBC2 show

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