‘Former Marine disarms armed robber’ is the most breathtaking 7 seconds you’ll watch today

This video of a former US Marine single-handedly disarming a would-be armed robber went viral because, well, it’s a video of a former US Marine single-handedly disarming an armed robber.

If you see a more breathtaking 7 seconds today we’d like you to send it to us please (on second thoughts, don’t bother).

It’s apparently from a Chevron gas station in Yuma, Arizona, surveillance footage that was shot in the early hours of 20 October.

And here are just a few things people were saying about it after the clip went wildly viral on Reddit.

‘You can see the moment his friend peed a little.’

‘Police report.

‘Gun: Not discharged

‘Ass: Discharged.’

‘Really loved how he used the surprise effect on them. The robber didnt had enought reaction time even to press the trigger.’

‘Might’ve had the safety on to avoid an escalation. He just wanted the $50 in the register, not life in prison.’

‘Second guy didn’t even bother to back his friend up. Robbers are a cowardly bunch and Marines are itching for moments like these.’

‘It’d be dumb to make an assumption like this for all thieves though. Some are happy to pull the trigger. If the second guy hadn’t fallen face over ass trying to run away, Marine guy would have been screwed.’

‘No such thing as a former Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine.’


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Source Reddit u/chillinwithmypizza