A firm complained that no-one would work for $14/hour and the comeback was top dollar

Late contender for comeback of the week is surely this, shared by Redditor chaposagrift who said: ‘CaN’T FinD AnYoNE tO hIrE.’

And our favourite things people said about it.

‘So maximizing profits is ok for businesses just not for employees who have better job offers.’

‘Isn’t this capitalism in action? They put out an offer and the market responds. In this case the response was $14 an hour was not enough to do this job. I’m not sure I understand the issue this idiot is having with the situation.’

‘Texas: Look, we can have immigrants do crap jobs that I don’t want to do for next to nothing.’

‘Also Texas: Build the wall!!!!’

‘Again Texas: Why can’t we find people to do the crap jobs we don’t want to do for next to nothing????’

Sounds familiar?

‘This also applies to the UK with Brexit.’

And someone spotted an unfortunate spelling mistake.

‘To be honest, I’d be reluctant to work for a company which caters to the tastes of zombies too.’

‘Do you think they come with raisins?

‘Y’know, for raisin the dead.’


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Source Reddit u/chaposagrift