17+ star reactions to 90-year-old William Shatner becoming the oldest human to go to space

At 90 years old, Canadian actor William Shatner has become the oldest human to travel to space, having made the brief trip aboard Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin craft, New Shepard.

Accompanying the man famous the world over as Captain Kirk in the original series of Star Trek were former NASA engineer Chris Boshuizen, healthcare magnate Glen de Vries, and Blue Origin’s VP of flight operations, Audrey Powers.

The trip had already been postponed once due to bad weather by the time the historic launch finally happened on Wednesday.

Before the flight, People had wished the crew well, with Shatner receiving messages from famous friends, as well as a little awe at his giant leap for nonagenarians.

On landing, it was clear he had been – understandably – overwhelmed by the experience.

This is how Twitter reacted.