A TikToker’s wedding cake has gone viral because it was such an epic fail

Over on TikTok, recently married singer and stylist, Anna Grace Wright, shared pictures of the wedding cake she ordered and the one she got.


##greenscreen ##expectationvreality ##cakefail ##imfine HOW?!????

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That’s the perfect soundtrack for the incredible fail. TikTokers had a few thoughts and questions for Anna.

An expert provided the technical term for what they were seeing.

Someone else had a quick fix.

Anna shared some updates, including this TikTok Q&A dance.


questions from the comment section.. holding out on revealing the bakery – for now.

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This is how she looked just after she’d seen what the bakery had sent her.


Reply to @agwright1231 … my immediate reaction to seeing the cake. THE. cake. the wedding. cake. 🥴

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Totally understandable. Happily, friends stepped up with a rescue mission.


##greenscreen cake update- highly requested! haha

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We’re just glad it didn’t end up overshadowing the big day for the happy couple. Congratulations to Anna and Julie.


This may be the greatest “Mariah Carey” birthday cake of all time

Source A G Wright H/T Daily Dot Image Screengrab