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This entitled guy’s attempt to get art on the cheap is a proper jaw-dropper

The subReddit r/choosingbeggars features no end of people trying to get stuff on the cheap or for free and this one from a little while back is a classic of the genre.

It’s a dad trying to get a self-portrait and while the exchange starts off normal enough, it quickly takes a turn for the worse. A lot (NSFW) worse.

It was shared by Redditor Curco529 who said: ‘I had to find one to believe they exist.’

And just a few of the things people said about it in response.

‘I will never understand the “fuck you your stuff looks like shit anyways! but I still want it so give it to me for free” tactic.
I laughed a little to hard at the gofak part as well. You handled this very well considering how absolutely vile this person was being to you.’

“Your art isn’t good enough for price”

“But my kid has cancer!”

“I could do better than you!”

“I have followers! I could expose you!”

“Can’t you do it for free?”

“You’re a piece of shit if you don’t do what I want!”

‘Holy shit, this ticks all the boxes.’

“I want your art not mine dumbass” “I can paint better than you anyway” 🤔 really joggles the noggin

‘I’m going to steal the gofak yourself line lol. How much exposure you want for that. I have 4 followers on Reddit.’


Sometimes the very best takedowns are also the simplest

Source Reddit u/Curco529