Man calls his parents while skydiving and their dawning (NSFW) realisation is simply fabulous

It’s one thing going skydiving, it’s quite another video calling your parents while you’re doing it.

And their dawning realisation that their son just jumped out of a plane is a very funny and hugely wholesome watch.

The clip is from a few years back but has just gone wildly viral on Reddit after it was shared by boatoa who said: ‘Man calls his parents while skydiving.’

Brilliant all round.

“He’s doing a selfie coming down in the fucking aeroplane”
They are too precious stop 🥺💚’

‘The best part to me was when the lady took a picture of the screen. Typical mom stuff :’)

‘Dad sees son jump out of airplane.
First words: Fuck Off!’

‘My Spotify drops out in the same spot on the drive to work everytime and this dude can live video on a free fall from an airplane to the ground.
What a legend.’

‘Note to my kiddos: if you skydive, call me once you’re safely on the ground … please!’

The original video, as you probably noticed, was made by Hostelworld (who you can find on YouTube here and their homepage here).

Here’s a slightly longer video putting the whole thing into a bit of context.


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Source Hostelworld Reddit u/boatoa