This entitled customer’s ‘snake’ complaint will have you facepalming into next week

Early contender for entitled customer of the week is surely this, a parent who was furious – really furious – after her family was kicked off a pumpkin farm because her son had brought a snake with him.

The only thing more eye-opening than her mounting fury is the calm and professional way with which the good people of The Great Pumpkin Farm put her right.

For Halloween we’re going to dress up as that mum.

And here are just a few of the things people were saying about it.

‘I’m worried for that snake honestly. Poor thing must be stressed to hell and back if they regularly take it crowded places like that. Obviously a snake isn’t going nowhere to be allowed sheesh.’

‘In the comments on the original post it was a 3.5 ft Ball python in question. I just thought the whole story was hysterical. Also she didn’t mention bringing an enclosure/heat source for the snake and it is 60ish degrees outside. Which is not great for cold blooded creatures.’

‘Imagine being so delusional you think going to the media would make you anything less than a laughingstock.’

‘She’ll probably try claiming the python is an emotional support animal.’

‘I wonder if they’re going to update the wording of their rules next year, to something like “no pets/animals of any kind” or even better: “no dogs or snakes allowed.”

‘Gonna bring a tiger since there’s no sign that says no tigers allowed.’


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