Boris Johnson’s Marbella getaway got people hot under the collar – 15 favourites

For most people, life in the UK is currently far from idyllic. The army has been mobilised to get petrol to the pumps amid lorry driver shortages that are also seeing empty supermarket shelves, and schools are struggling to cope with covid figures which are rising almost as fast as food and fuel prices.

The battle to meet the cost of eating and heating will only be exacerbated by the recent loss of the £20-per-week uplift to Universal Credit, which the Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng suggested could be addressed by donning a jumper.

Additionally, a mass cull of overgrown pigs, which won’t then make it to the food chain, is set to devastate the UK’s pork markets.

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‘Securing a better future.’

With all that – and more – going on at home, it’s little wonder that people feel the need to escape to sunny Spain, and by ‘people’, we mean the prime minister, Boris Johnson, and by ‘sunny Spain’, we mean a luxury villa in Marbella, owned by Tory peer Zac Goldsmith.

Although reactions are divided between those saying he should focus on trying to pull the country out of its crises, and others insisting he deserves a break after a rough 18 months, which included the recent death of his mother, they’re strongly weighted towards the former.

These tweets represent that position beautifully.