A comedian had the best response to the ‘natural immunity’ anti-vax crowd

Comedian Ken Reid’s takedown of a recurring theme of the anti-vax dialogue is one for the ages.

He may have fudged the life expectancy age for comic effect, but it hits the point home very well.

Redditors thought so, too.

Strange that people that are denigrating medical experts and “doing their own medical research” aren’t denigrating civil engineers and “doing their own bridge research” before crossing a bridge, or denigrating aeronautical engineers and “doing their own airplane research” before getting on an airplane. Makes me wonder why this is…

Just drink more apple cider vinegar and your urine. Duh.

Its amazing to me how dumb these anti-vaxxers are.

“I have an immune system!”

Hey dumbfuck, do you know what vaccines do for your immune system?

Miserable_Bridge6032 had a brief moment wondering whether Ken had gone to the dark side.

Had me in the first half for a moment ngl.

You can find the original tweet here.


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