A photographer asked if he was wrong to delete a friend’s wedding photos and the internet spoke as one

We’ve featured plenty of bridezillas on these pages but now it’s time for them to step aside for this tale of a groomzilla who may eclipse them all.

The story was shared by a photographer on the AITA – ‘Am I The Asshole’ – subReddit and it’s quite the read.

Redditor Icy-Reserve6995 asked ‘AITA for deleting my friend’s wedding photos in front of them?’ and here’s what he had to say.

And it turns out they need not have worried because the internet – well, the people who responded on Reddit – spoke as one.

‘NTA at all. You could have risked your health and they treated you like sh-t.’

‘F-ck them. My wedding photographer not only got a seat but a full meal and was a paid guest at my wedding. He goofed around with everyone else and helped make it a better celebration and helped with making it more fun which only enhanced the pics . Bride and groom sound like entitled ass holes.

‘NTA. He told you to leave without pay and you called his bluff.’

‘They took you off the guest list for this without mentioning it to you in advance. You went in with the expectation of $250 to take high quality pictures … while also being a guest at their event (including a place to sit, eat & drink) And realistically, you did nothing but follow the grooms suggestion. Either continue being a photographer or forfeit your $250.

‘What did the groom think that entailed? He would get all that work for free? Play stupid games win stupid prizes. I would seriously reconsider this friendship.’

‘Should have kept the photos and sold them for $1,000. The $750 extra is the butthead customer surcharge.’


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Source Reddit u/Icy-Reserve6995