A xenophobe took aim at Iran and blew both their own feet off

Leading contender for comeback of the week comes this, an exchange which began with someone suggesting if Iran were to disappear mankind would lose ‘literally nothing’.

It went viral on Reddit after it was shared by silueteqd who said: ‘Gotta teach people a thing or two.’


And here are our favourite things people said about it.

‘If Iran disappeared tomorrow I can’t imagine the countries around it wouldn’t freak the absolute fuck out, so that’s a consequence.’

‘I imagine a giant deafening “tzwap” sound, huge gust of wind to fill the void and all of the water rushing from the surrounding seas into the near bottomless pit that stands in it’s stead. Yeah, people would probably be a bit disturbed.’

‘Imagine wishing for an entire country to be killed off just because of news headlines.’

‘Guaranteed the person who was pro blowing up Iran is also “pro life”.’

‘If algebra was created in iran i say let them pay for the pain of all students ever.’


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Source Reddit u/silueteqd