The look on the face of this cat given a fishy wake-up call is a proper delight

Surely the first – and last – video we feature of a cat being woken up by a prawn (or, strictly speaking, the smell of a prawn) just went viral on Reddit because, well, watch.

“I was just dreaming of this!” said Redditor Chasith who shared it.

And it’s rather magnificent.

Never thought we’d be able to read a cat’s mind quite so well as we did just then.

‘Imagine dreaming of food and it appears in front of you. Kitty must think its magic.’

‘Wholesome. Dreams do come true.’

‘Dude, how did you manage to place the shrimp down without waking up the kitty? Mine wakes up if I even think about picking up my camera to record from across the room!’

And it turns out there’s also a serious side to the nonsense.

‘Sleep eating is actually a great trick with inappetant cats. I had a cat with kidney disease who felt lousy at times and if I put a bowl of food next to her fave while she slept she’d normally jolt awake and eat for a solid 30 seconds reflexively.

‘It’s also just cute.’


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Source Reddit u/Chasith