This restaurant’s exasperated takedown of entitled customers is fabulously done

Early days we know but customer notice of the week is surely this one, a restaurant that has clearly had enough of entitled customers and simply can’t take it anymore.

‘A restaurant sign asking people to just wait to be served,’ said lucynyu13 who shared it over on Reddit.

Epic stuff, and beautifully put.

Here are just three of the things people said about it after the sign went viral on Reddit.

‘Having to practically beg customers not to abuse staff shows how low we have sunk as a society.’

‘Look, you’re not the only person who decided to go out and eat. Control your emotions and wait.’

‘I wish more restaurant owners would call out jerks this way, and in addition, escort them to the door when they acted up. Management needs to start taking a stand.’

And just in case you were wondering about the ‘new TikTok trends’, we started to have a look but then decided we didn’t want to know (probably you don’t either …)


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Source Reddit u/lucynyu13