We’re relating hard with this dog that’s had enough of exercise

We’ve all had those days when almost everything is too much of an effort, but we still have to get on with it. That’s not the case for this dog, whose owner must have wished he had a chihuahua.

Relating so hard right now with that level of commitment to inactivity. With all that fur, perhaps the dog was simply too hot to move – and that’s relatable too.

Redditors enjoyed the spectacle a lot more than the poor dog owner.

“Excuse me. Im just trying to take my fur brick for a walk”

“Don’t do it, I’ll make myself heavy” – the dog, probably.

Reddit user u/microbicsloth had this thought.

It’s like taking a 3 year old shopping.

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This dog’s ‘attempt to be carried’ is cute and very funny

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