Watch how this elephant thanks the excavator that rescued it from a mud pit

It’s no secret that elephants love a good puddle of mud, but when one got stuck in a muddy hole, the slippery sides could have really caused its undoing, had it not been for some skillful work from an excavator operator.

Here’s what happened.

The gentle head bump is the elephant showing its gratitude. No, you’ve got something in your eye.

The incident in the Avaregunda village in India’s Karnataka State happened in May, but the clip has been bouncing around again after being shared on Reddit’s r/Damthatsinteresting forum, where it picked up a lot of comments like these –

One person had another suggestion.


This’ll make it better. Watch two baby elephants in a kiddies’ paddling pool

Source H/T r/Damnthatsinteresting Image Screengrab