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This ‘premarital third eye’ take on engagement rings got entirely the responses it deserved

Early contender for facepalm of the week is this, an unusual – at least, we think it’s unusual – take on exactly how big an engagement ring is big enough.

It went viral after it was shared by Redditor Infinite-Furiosa who said: ‘Ah, that premarital third eye.

Quick, someone sign them up for The Apprentice.

It got no end of mockery, as you might expect …

‘Its biggger than being materialistic … it’s a business!

‘So the best way to start a business is to waste thousands of dollars on something worth a few hundred dollars.’

‘That does not generate revenue and has near zero resale value.’

‘And can easily get lost or stolen…’

… with a side order of fact checking.

‘I am not sure where she is getting $3.5k for a 3 ct ring unless the quality of the diamond is sh-t. Diamonds direct has a 3 ct diamond for $15k. Just the diamond, not even a ring.’

But mostly it was full of people saying stuff like this.

‘If you think like this you don’t deserve a ring at any price.’

‘My third eye tells me, its bad business to marry someone like her, adter all, whats the net profit of that transaction?.’


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Source Reddit u/Infinite-Furiosa