This anti-vaxxer takedown is a very satisfying shot in the arm

Latest in an occasional and never less than supremely satisfying series, anti-vaxxer takedown of the week goes to this, shared by Sekhmet_911 over on Reddit.

The clue was in the PhD.

‘Google until you get the answer you want then spam the crap out of that to all your friends and family, and if you don’t find the answer you want build a Facebook page and get to work debunking every scientist, Doctor, etc…. and make sure you tag your YouTube sources and other Facebook pages so people know you are serious about your self published researched 👍’

And then it gets better.

‘This is what Glen lists as his qualifications … “Guru, Healer, Light Body, Breath Work, Qi Gong, Cacao, Meditation, Mantra Strongman, Power Lifting, Bodybuilding, health, Diet. LOL!’


Marjorie Taylor Greene brought a Scooby Doo meme to Congress and there’s no mystery what happened next

Source Reddit u/Sekhmet_911 Image Unsplash