People are airing their thoughts on the UK’s gas crisis – 14 hot takes

If you’re in the UK, you could be forgiven for thinking you’re living in a gritty Mike Leigh film or a documentary about the 70s, as food shortages and astronomical gas prices throw the general population and businesses into chaos.

The problem has been felt worldwide to some extent, but a perfect storm of national and international problems has hit the UK particularly hard.

These include –

A state of disrepair across parts of the UK’s ageing energy infrastructure

The pandemic

The UK’s heavy reliance on fossil fuels and overseas suppliers

A prolonged period of high atmospheric pressure leading to low production at wind farms

Its conscious uncoupling from the EU’s internal energy market, which protects its members from price hikes, to some extent

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has been sent out to share the government’s position with the media like a canary into a coalmine, where he’s chirped up about the likelihood of a difficult winter ahead.

It’s a good job there aren’t already transport problems, a labour shortage and the strong possibility of a Covid spike on the horizon.

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