The unexpected family fallout from calling a dog Brad is a fabulous tale, beautifully told

To the subReddit ‘Am I the asshole?’, the place where people share their (mostly) real-life stories in the hope of finding out whether they’ve done the wrong thing – or the right.

And this is a classic of the genre, the tale of a man who called his dog Brad only for it to have unexpected consequences. Especially for his sister.

‘AITA for naming my dog Brad?’ asked Redditor PapaJonCenaSpriteMix.

It went viral on Reddit and found a whole new lease of life after it was shared by @AITA_reddit over on Twitter.

And here are our favourite things people said about it.

The original poster later shared a picture of Brad on Imgur.

To conclude …

Not the asshole.


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Source Reddit u/PapaJonCenaSpriteMix Twitter @AITA_reddit Image Imgur @JohnCenaSpriteMix420