A fake ‘anti-vax’ van outside an American football game was simply next-level trolling

Ahead of an American football game in North Carolina, a van bearing an anti-vax message hit the streets around the stadium.

As you may have spotted, the smaller writing bore the name ‘Wilmore Funeral Home’, which doesn’t appear to be a real business, but is obviously just a lovely bit of top trolling.

This is what the Wilmore Funeral Home website looks like.

Nothing else – just that. Redditors were impressed.

I gasped out loud when I first saw this. Too good.

I don’t know where Wilmore Funeral Home is, but I’d like to have the honor of being buried by them

That’s some balls. I like it.

One Reddit user went with this political trope.

I’m Donald Trump, and I approve this message.

The Wilmore Funeral Home mixed messaging would probably break Donald Trump’s poor brain.


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