This interview with Fox News about the Nicki Minaj testicle tale is peak Eric Trump

Eric Trump is the gift to facepalming that keeps on giving. He has managed to stuff his mouth with his own feet on numerous occasions in his attempts to justify his dad’s terrible behaviour.

On Trump Sr’s nickname for a part Native American politician.

On disloyalty.

On the disgraced Ghislaine Maxwell.

Fox News presenter, Maria Bartiromo, recently invited him to discuss topical issues, including the furore over Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s alleged vaccine side effect – giant testicles, if you hadn’t heard.

“They are trying to cancel everybody.

They have weaponised the media. They have weaponised the legal system, and they have weaponised the judicial system. And they’ve weaponised the military.

And if you speak out against them, if you disagree with them, they cancel you, they try and arrest you, they try and prosecute you.

It’s amazing the kind of unjustice [sic] in this country. And America was always this country that stood for equal weights of justice on both sides.”

These five responses perfectly capture the mood.






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