This model’s takedown of a photographer who told her to lose weight had everyone cheering

The video of this model’s response to a photographer who told her to lose weight had the entire internet cheering.

The clip of the model, who was told not to eat until the next photoshoot, went viral on Reddit and it’s 90 seconds well spent (you’ll have to wait a second or two before you can hear the audio properly, and apologies for the annoying TikTok voice at the start).

And here are just a few of the many comments it prompted.

‘I had a photographer tell me something like this when i was about 17 and i was so skinny then. I wish i had the balls to defend myself then.’

‘My favourite part is when she said, you can tell the client why we’re stopping.’

‘That bit was brilliant, photographer must have been shitting himself haha.’

‘Props to that girl for being that strong. she’s speaking straight facts!’

Lots of people were wondering what was going on in the background.

‘Can anyone make out what the other woman in the background was saying when she said that she quit?’

‘Yes I need to know this.’

‘I think it’s something like “Please don’t stop stop”.’

‘She was probably trying to bring up contracts. Always someone there trying to run damage control, but she should have sided with the model and made the photographer apologize and honor HIS contract.’

Others wondered whether it was all it appeared to be, but all agreed on one thing.

‘Whether the video is staged or not, I am glad to see people setting positive examples like this– epecially in such a predatory industry.
If it encourages even one person to stand up for themselves in a similar situation, then that’s pretty rad.’


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Source Reddit u/Chasith