‘Trying to leave a Whatsapp group’ is a hilarious minefield

During successive lockdowns, WhatsApp groups have played a big part in keeping people connected – whether it’s family, neighbours or friends. There are, however, downsides – other than being connected to family, neighbours and friends.

In this very funny sketch, Foil Arms and Hog touch on a couple of the issues – getting too many notifications and how difficult it is to escape.

If that wasn’t horribly relatable, do you even have WhatsApp?

This is both a painfully accurate and hilarious PSA for anxiety- far too relatable it’s like you’re in my head… oh no.
Laura May

“Jen Frisbee”. Yes, this is also how most of the people on my contacts are named. Efficient, but but awkward when I have to send their contact to someone.
Apala Bhattacharya

That’s it, I’m not leaving that group like I’ve been thinking about, it’s too risky. Another great sketch and portrayal of near hysteria by Foil.
vinasu maaj

These skits are too accurate and relatable 😉, “75 identical messages all wishing her happy birthday” got me.
YouTube user, Cheerful Charlie, is clearly sadistic.

Ali Hasnat

“You should try leaving a WhatsApp group AND cancelling your gym membership – that’s a REAL challenge!! 😫”

If the WhatsApp dementors looked familiar, perhaps you’ve seen this drunken monks song.

Well, you have now.


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Source Foil Arms and Hog Image Screengrab