Simply the perfect riposte for anyone constantly asked about their height

It’s one of the perils of being tall that people do like to tell you how very tall you are.

And this tall guy, well, it’s fair to say he’s taken enough of this sort of thing. So he did this, a business card that is the perfect riposte to anyone tempted to ask about his height.

It’s just gone viral on Reddit after it was shared by GoldenChinchilla who said: ‘Neat.’ And indeed it is.

Just in case that’s tricky to read …

Yes I am tall.

I am 6′ 10″ (No I’m not kidding. Yes, that is tall).

No, I do not play basketball. I play volleyball.

Yes, seeing the tops of everyone’s head is weird. Yes, the weather is nice up here.

This has been a great conversation.

And here are some of the many things people were saying about it.

‘I need one that says “Yes I am short. No, I will not pick that up for you”

‘My brother is 6’9 and I’m 5’4, we got some weird stares when we walked together but it got even weirder when Mum 5’3 and Dad 6’6 was with us.’

‘Omg i HATED being pestered as a kid. “Your so tall! You must play basketball!” Followed by 10 minutes of me explaining I don’t want to play basketball, I hate basketball, I don’t want to talk about basketball. “But you’re so tall! You’d be so perfect for it!” Yeah great, kindly fuck off now.’

‘That sucks, mate. I got in a lift with a super tall guy once. I looked up at him and I could tell he was hoping I wouldn’t say anything. I paused for a second and said “what are you a jockey or something?” Got a big laugh and we shot the shit for a minute.

‘We should always give thought to what people must hear everyday and try to avoid that shit like the plague.’

‘I’m 6’6″. It’s very rare for me to run into people that are taller than me, and it’s really unsettling. I walked into an elevator once and there was a guy who was probably 7 foot or over, so almost a full head taller than me. I was so weirded out that I stepped off the elevator as soon as I saw him.’


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Source Reddit u/GoldenChinchilla