This is the best seven seconds you’ll spend on Google Maps today

Very possibly it’s also the only seven seconds you’ll spend on Google Maps today, in which case it’s a no-brainer.

It’s a video that’s just gone viral on Reddit after it was shared by WW3_GGs and very funny (and clever) it is too.

And just a few of the things people said about it.

‘When he started driving backwards …’

‘Google maps stalking!!!’

Is no one gonna mention the guy that appears on the sidewalk in one frame and then disappears in the next lmao.’

‘He was being hunted by Google; how long did you think he would be around?’

‘This is how google maps is bringing in more users, they’re following people with a machine gun mounted on the roof and getting this lol.’

‘It’s like that black mirror episode with the robots. They just couldn’t mention that they were google maps robots cause…you know…..’

And it got lots of people wondering how it was done. Fortunately, help was at hand.

‘Does anyone know what this is? Did the car really follow that guy? Or is this an Easter egg.’

‘You can upload your own 360 view images to Google maps, I’m assuming this is just a random person doing that trying to ‘impersonate’ a streetview car.’

‘I was thinking one could engineer this whole thing on the fly after spotting a Google Street View car in the wild about right up to the point where it follows him through a shipping container.’

And you can follow it for yourself on Google Maps here.


‘Friend got back from walking the dog, should have been more alert’

Source Reddit u/WW3_GGs