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Simply 23 funny pictures from 2021 so far

Each week we keep an eye out for the funniest pictures that go viral on Reddit and it felt about high time we rounded up our favourites of the year so far.

So here are 23 of the funniest we’ve spotted in 2021 to date from the r/funny over on Reddit (and elsewhere).

1. ‘Found this on a bench in Margate UK this weekend’

(via u/lookthatwayplease)

2. ‘Local coffee shop is BOLD’


3. ‘When you don’t have a pride flag but want to be involved’

(via u/lessons_learnt)

4. ‘Didn’t give a Mcfuck ☠️’

(via u/GloBoyKen)

5. ‘Real estate agent’s response to vandalism’


6. ‘Cat got your gloves’

(via u/johnfilson)

7. ‘I cancelled a call mid-presentation bc my 9 y/o told me water was running all over her bathroom floor …’

(via u/Mahhhbster27)

8. ‘A squirrel won today’


9. ‘My niece drew this at school yesterday.’

(via u/The_Mr_Falls)

10. ‘NOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo’


11. ‘My coworker has a tendency to spill his cereal walking out of the kitchen in the morning and just leave it there. I made it modern art’


12. ‘Anticipating questions at work’

(via Reddit u/CorneliusBueller)