A conspiracy theorist’s video of why her bra is tracking her went viral and there are no words

Conspiracy theory of the week goes to this video which has just gone viral on Reddit for reasons which presumably will soon become obvious.

Well, it could be true. Right? Anyone?

While we’re off to check our pants for something similar, here are our favourite things people said about it.

‘Wait until she finds out about cell phones.’

‘That’s the part I will never understand. You don’t need conspiracy theories about tracking us. GPS is a thing people! SMH’

‘Who’s gonna tell her that that’s the shoplifting security system.’

‘She says as she records on a phone.’

‘I don’t understand how they see a tracking device literally everywhere and then use a phone to complain on a fricking social networks. How do they not see the irony. Someone explain this shit, please.’

“It even has NUMBERS!” Like, I wish they made fully functioning tracking devices this small, so my dog wouldn’t have to run around with this giant tracker on his neck all the time.’

‘Hey cut open everything in your house. There is a tracking device in every single item. For real!’

‘Holy shit. Just checked my tv remote and it has NUMBERS!’

And also this, very much this.

‘Anyone going to tell her that human trafficking and human tracking are vastly different?’


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Source Reddit u/BickKattowski