‘Friend got back from walking the dog, should have been more alert’

A salutary lesson here for dog owners everywhere. Always stay alert, even at the very final stages of your walk.

It’s a Ring doorbell video shared by werpong over on Reddit and it’s 41 seconds very well spent.

And here are just a few of the many things people said about it.

‘Those flexi leads let the dog build up a lot of speed, which is one of the ways they can be dangerous. I’m most impressed by his grip, he really held on tight.’

‘HIS GRIP?!? This dude not only held the leash but if you slow down the video his eyes stay locked to his phone the entire way down lmao unfazed by anything going on. My mans got priorities on that phone lol.’

‘Dude got straight Marmaduked.’

‘Goddamn I feel for his shoulder.’

‘And his head, and his ribs, and his knees …’

‘Learn to fly with this one crazy trick!!’


This dog’s hilarious reaction to this very small portion size is a proper picture

Source Reddit u/werpong