Cards Against Humanity ruined this anti-vaxxer’s games night

This person was so far down the anti-vax rabbit hole that even a game of Cards Against Humanity triggered them.

Here’s what happened.

Their story was about as convincing as their carpet was clean.

“my friends actually converted after our conversation”

This is the anti-vax version of “…and everybody clapped”

“I was playing cards against humanity with mr teddy and professor penguin when all of a sudden…”

5 bucks says they didn’t “convert”, they got tired of watching the stupid fall out of your open cake-sucker, and simply went along so you would shut up.

Oh how cute. Their imaginary friends must have been super excited for game night.

Someone named Bob_From_FNF might have had an overreaction, but we’d quite like to be a fly on that wall.

“I feel a strange desire to mail a full deck of cards exactly like that one to them.”

Oh, and about that carpet …


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Source Reddit Image Reddit, Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels

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