This Belgian TV sketch hilariously nails the horror of going back to the office

This Belgian TV sketch has just gone wildly viral on Reddit because it so perfectly captures the horrors of going back to the office (as a lot of us will be doing right now for reasons we presumably don’t need to go into).

It’s from satirical TV show De Ideale Wereld – it’s got subtitles – and it might just be the best two minutes you spend today.

It went viral after it was shared by DefaultAnthony over on Reddit and here are just a few of the many things people said about it.

‘Lol “Steve had a little accident…”

“We’ll have spaghetti for dinner and watch the news” … Holy shit my sides’

‘Cute, for sure, but to heck with going back to an office if we can do everything from home. Going back is just stupid. Give people a choice to go back if they want but don’t force them to. That’s crazy.’

‘This is actually heartwarming.’

‘Yes Belgium, I HAVE regressed to childhood staying out of the office. Because the office killed my inner child.’

‘Hilarious. Would have been more accurate though if he came storming out at the end screaming ‘I’m never going back there again, you can’t make me!’

And also this.

‘Reminds me of the one about the kid going to his first day of school. He’s looking a little worried so his dad asks him what’s up.
“How long will I have to go to school for?” “Until you’re 18.” The kid nods and thinks about this quietly. When they get to the school gates the kid says “Dad, you will remember to come and get me when I’m 18, won’t you?”


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Source YouTube (original here) H/T Reddit u/DefaultAnthony

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