This Amazon delivery note is just a little bit on the drastic side

The first in an occasional series, ‘Amazon delivery note of the week’ starts off with a clear winner.

It was shared by Redditor Remarkable-Breath-55 who said: ‘I deliver for Amazon, this came up halfway through my route. A little drastic I’d say lol …’

And they’re not kidding.

Well, it’s guaranteed to grab your attention, at least.

And here are just a few of the comments it prompted.

‘It’s true. I almost broke the screen door with a package on the porch. I have 5 cats too. They would just take me out.’

‘My mom demands a call every week so she knows that I haven’t died and that my cats are not feeding on my corpse.’

‘It is wise to demand a call since the cats could figure out how to text and set a trap to lure her in for more food.’

‘It’s funny because pet food is by far the heaviest thing I order from Amazon.’


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Source Reddit u/Remarkable-Breath-55

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