Nigella Lawson had the best response to this ‘demonic entity’ troll

Twitter can be a strange place, as no-one anywhere needs reminding, ever.

We only mention it after everyone’s favourite TV chef Nigella Lawson shared this particularly odd bit of trolling from someone who called her a ‘demonic entity’, among much else besides.

It all started when Nigella posted this entirely inoffensive looking recipe for pink Beetroot and Chick Pea Dip (or Beetroot Hummus, if you prefer).

And it prompted this most unlikely response.

There was no shortage of funny and totally on-point replies, like this one for instance.

But the best response(s) surely came from Nigella herself, who first of all retweeted it and then said this.

And she really did.


While we’re here, would be remiss not to use it as an excuse to enjoy this again.


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Source Twitter @Nigella_Lawson