Larry and Paul’s Real Daily Briefing refreshes the parts other briefings cannot reach

Parliament is back in session, and MPs have been addressing some top issues, such as:

Funding social care with a National Insurance rise

The rise of the Taliban

The return of school pupils to classrooms, despite rising covid rates and lack of social distancing measures

Whether to allow barely treated sewage into the UK’s waterways

The Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, may have been distracted by his school return issues when he mistakenly thought he’d met Marcus Rashford.

With the politicians – theoretically – back at work, so are the very funny and cutting satirists, Larry and Paul, who covered all this and more in their new ‘daily’ briefing.

They posted the sketch on Twitter, too, where it went down very well.

As ever, the hefty proportion of truth made it a bitter-sweet experience for some.

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Larry and Paul’s alternative briefing says what the real one would never dare

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