13 of the funniest pictures of the week

It’s that time of the week – of course it is! – when we round up 13 of the funniest pictures that went viral on Reddit over the last seven days.

1. ‘Sign my dad has up at his house’

(via u/Trackull)

2. ‘Coming back to my desk, wondering where my pistachios went, nearly had a heart attack’

(via u/flowerybjorn)

3. ‘Put my daughter’s Old Navy water bottle in the dishwasher. Long story short, now it’s my wife’s’

(via u/charliegriefer)

4. ‘New office neighbour has a very sensible office door policy.’

(via u/aezro)

5. ‘Counter-protestor at anti-vaccine rally in Kelowna, British Columbia CA’

(via u/ohnoh18)

6. ‘Wife cleaned out linen closet, fairwell holy trinity of the 1990s’

(via u/Manchecane)

7. ‘The Ring Bearer understood his mission’

(via u/KhuxAkuna)

8. ‘I’m trying to find a product which has all of the nutritional information in Red. This is the closest I’ve got so far’

(via u/ElBigHungry)

9. ‘Yard sale find. The guy had no idea what he had’

(via u/FireBetAlwaysWorking)

10. ‘I think this landlord had enough’

(via u/GetsLostAlot)

11. ‘Is it biodegradable?’

(via u/Herbiegoesbananaflip)

12. ‘This is an actual product’

(via u/anarchonobody)

13. ‘Taste (one color of) the Rainbow’

(via u/Doctorphotograph)

Source Reddit r/funny