Ted Cruz trolled comedian Patton Oswalt and it backfired spectacularly

Spare a thought – only kidding – for Ted Cruz, whose occasional efforts to be clever on Twitter don’t always end well for him. In fact, they occasionally end very badly indeed.

And it’s just happened again to the Republican Texas senator after he took aim at comedian Patton Oswalt who cancelled two gigs because the venues wouldn’t require audience members to be vaccinated or show proof of a recent negative Covid test.

It caught the attention of Cruz who took time out from his busy schedule to make a ‘joke’.

And it presented Oswalt with an opportunity that he didn’t pass up.

And it didn’t end there, including a reference to that unfortunate incident when Cruz liked a porn tweet in 2017.

To conclude, this.

And this.


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Source Twitter @tedcruz H/T DailyDot Images screen grabs

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