Comeback of the day

Latest in an occasional series, comeback of the day goes to this exchange, shared by StrikingPercentage89 over on the subReddit ‘technically the truth’.


‘As a non-practising Christian … Touche.’

And just in case you were wondering …

‘To clarify for the hard of understanding; the church of satan and other similar groups use the laws against religious discrimination to challenge laws introduced by Christians to impose their view of Christianity on members of the general public. They use titles like the church of satan to shock and gain publicity, they could have equally called themselves the church of the flying teapot, all they needed to do was establish themselves as a religion with enough “followers” to claim religious status to then challenge the laws.’

Or put another way …

‘Contrary to popular belief, most Satanists are Atheists and don’t worship Satan or evil. You will also find they are much more tolerant to different groups of people as well. The original Church of Satan was started by Anton LaVey in 1966 as a way to mock Christianity and religion which he considered to be fundamentally hypocritical.’


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Source Reddit u/StrikingPercentage89