‘What’s the weirdest compliment you ever received?’ 19 strong contenders

It’s always nice to get a compliment, right? Maybe. After reading some of these, we’re not so sure.

1. Does the Queen have a Reddit account?
“Your side profile would look good on a coin”


2. There may be a reason why this person went into the medical field.
‘You have juicy veins, I’d love to take blood from them’ from a friend who works in pathology.

3. There’s a ‘felt up’ joke waiting to happen, but we’re better than that.
“You remind me of Kermit the frog. Not in looks, in vibes.”


4. If an old lady said it, it must be true.
One time I was complaining about my stretch marks, and as I lifted my shirt to show my friend, a woman in passing said “you look like you were carved from marble, sweetie.” It caught me 100% off guard and I turned beet red, but to this day, I’m less insecure about my stretch marks.

5. When Peter Jackson pays you a compliment.
If there was ever a movie where an elf and a dwarf had a baby you could play it.

Elfy face and dwarfy beard.

6. Pretty rubbish ninja if he could see them.
I was wearing a lot of black one day and a guy approached me and said “ wow you look like a really cool ninja”

7. This must be the new ‘coals to Newcastle’.
“You could sell ketchup Popsicles to a lady wearing white gloves.”


8. First day of work at Mothercare?
When I was 17 during my first day of work, said by a female coworker: You’re so tall and skinny, you’d look great pregnant.

9. Their first date was in the cafeteria at IKEA.
My eyes were brown like a really nice table.

10. No, she said “That hamburger is made from cute squirrel.”
gf’s grandma saw me eating a hamburger once, she said that I “ate like a cute squirrel”

wtf man


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