This woman’s ‘Michelin man’ honeymoon outfit fail is making everyone’s day better

Here’s 10 seconds or so to make your day better.

It’s a woman called Maddy Jewell – @@maddymjewell over on TikTok – who suffered the most unfortunate fashion fail on honeymoon with her husband in the Maldives.

Her choice of outfit for breakfast looked like a winning option, until she got on her bike, that is.

@maddymjewellthis one’s headed back to rent the runway :/ #honeymoon #maldives #weddingtiktok

♬ what the fuck was that – champagnemami

For the TikTok caption, Maddy joked: “This one’s headed back to rent the runway,’ said Maddy, who said her husband ‘actually felt so bad for videoing it but he could not stop laughing lmao’.

Luckily for everyone else, they decided to share the moment on TikTok. Here are just a few of the many, many things people were saying about it.


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Source TikTok @maddymjewell H/T Indy100

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