Facepalm of the day

Latest in an occasional series, ‘facepalm of the day’, goes to this, shared by Redditor ohnoh18 who said: ‘Not. Gonna. Make. It.’

The very definition of ‘confidently incorrect’.

‘Same energy as my mom being an anti-vaxxer but getting her flu shot every year because “it’s just a shot.”‘

‘I saw another idiot comment earlier that those were immunizations, not vaccines. I have never felt so bad for the human race. We can’t argue with them because they can’t understand. We have to argue with them because they need to understand.’

‘Saw a backwater intellectual arguing that viruses are actually super tiny parasites and that’s why the dewormer can treat COVID. Yeah, this shit is getting old.’


An anti-vaxxer’s comment about pro-choice critics wasn’t the slam dunk they thought

Source Reddit u/ohnoh18

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