13 of the funniest pictures that went viral this week

It’s been another long week, so enjoy these 13 of the funniest pictures that went viral on Reddit last week.

1. ‘Local drive thru meets its end’

(via u/anotherguy252)

2. ‘My son turned 1 yesterday. This was the topper to his space themed cake. Left is what we ordered, right is what we got’

(via u/Drewlyn)

3. ‘Handing in this resignation letter today’

(via u/Some_guy_named_Lewis)

4. ‘You are NOT going to believe what happened while you were gone’

(via u/kpclaypool)

5. ‘Alaska problems’

(via u/mntoak)

6. ‘In a brief lapse in judgement, I asked what’s the difference between left and right tampons were’

(via u/yellowbythedozen)

7. ‘As do we all’

(via u/ToshiroBaloney)

8. ‘This Chalk Art’

(via u/ICumCoffee)

9. ‘Child support’

(via i/mitch-mma)

10. ‘Why is education getting worse?’

(via u/beg4)

11. ‘Found on my hiking trail today. what did Tim do?!’

(via u/SabrinaSandra220)

12. ‘Oh dear, don’t wanna catch that’

(via u/discojesus100)

13. ‘M A T H S’

(via u/Thunder-biscuit)


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