Billy Connolly on Scotland’s poetic love of swearing is one minute very well spent

Over on Twitter people have been enjoying all over again this brief clip from Billy Connolly’s two-part Made in Scotland programme for the BBC.

In it, the great man discusses Scotland’s poetic love of swearing, and it’s as entertaining as it is NSFW. Which is to say, high on both counts.

The clip has been watched more than 1 million times already, was shared again by @BBCComedyScot over on Twitter.

Picking up a lifetime achievement award at the Edinburgh TV festival this week, Connolly said the Parkinson’s disease that forced him to retire from live standup comedy is “getting worse” but he is still enjoying filming TV programmes.

He said he was approaching the condition in the same way he had always approached filming: “I hardly prepare. I turn up unprepared and everything’s a new challenge.”

You can watch the first episode of Made in Scotland on the iPlayer here.


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Source Twitter @BBCComedyScot BBC iPlayer

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