This cat saving a kitten from these three dogs is a pawsome edge-of-your-seat watch

Surely the most pawesome 25 seconds you’ll watch today is the video of this cat saving a kitten from these three dogs which went wildly viral on Reddit.

It was shared on the ‘next level’ subReddit by regian24 and it turns out that’s no exaggeration.

And here are our favourite things people said about it.

‘Came in like a cannon ball! Always stand up to bullies, they fold like cheap suits.’

‘Came in like a cannon ball and got sat on lmao.’

‘Lol but I imagine that that cat bit the shit out of that dog’s arse…. He takes no crap.’

‘The lesson here is if you go in with the energy to kill everyone most people run. (Cats want to kill everyone, they just are waiting for the right moment).’

‘Agreed. Very instructional. This video feels like something a monk saw in real life 1000 years ago before they invented some form of martial art.’


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Source Reddit u/regian24

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