This devilish kids’ prank went viral and it’s a new take on the original classic

Very possibly you know what’s coming but if you don’t we’re not going to spoil it for you.

It’s a TikTok video posted by @mbarrett9091 which went wildly viral, including over on Reddit where it was shared by Chasith who said: ‘How not to be a good parent.’



♬ original sound – mbarrett9091

Won’t forget that in a hurry. And here are our favourite things people said about it on Reddit.

‘Lmao not sure if this is the original but I remember this getting me in middle school.’

‘The original was a flash game I believe. It had 3 levels and at the end you had to manuver the mouse through a tight space so you’d be focusing on it.’

‘I was expecting the kids to break the TV.’

‘Grubby little fingers touching the damn screen.’

‘The owner/parent deserves every Greesy stain imo.’

‘I wouldn’t do this to my kid, however if this happened to my kid i would die laughing.’

Last word to this person.

‘Have fun waking up 8 times a night with screaming children for the next 6 months.’


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Source TikTok @mbarrett9091 Reddit u/Chasith