There was an attempt to use the car wash – it did not go well

Using a mechanical car wash is not exactly rocket science, but one bad-tempered woman made it look as though it was.

Having berated the attendant for trying to give her instructions, this woman repeatedly managed to screw up the complex task of putting the car in neutral and sitting still for a couple of minutes.

Erik M captured the cringeworthy scenes.


##karen goes to the ##carwash

♬ original sound – Erik M

Now let’s see her try to walk and chew gum.

TikTokers found their patience stretched just watching it.

One person had the solution to the frustrating incident.

If she hadn’t achieved her goal at the fifth attempt, sending her away to clean the car with a bucket and sponge might have been the only reasonable reaction.


Always check your sunroof is tightly closed before entering a car wash

Source @poisoned_hearts H/T Daily Dot Image Screengrab