The Rock surprising this celebrity tour bus is a moment of pure joy

No matter how good (or bad) a day you’re having, this will surely make it better.

It’s the moment Dwayne Johnson – AKA The Rock – surprises a celebrity tour bus doing the rounds of his neighbourhood and it’s just fabulous.


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‘Hey you guys know where I can find The Rock?’

The clip went viral on Reddit and here are our favourite things people said about it.

‘Dude. Imagine needing a feel good moment on a Saturday morning so you roll down your window as you pass a bus full of people and BOOM! Instant rockstar status. I’m glad he uses his powers for good is all I’m sayin.’

‘It was also really generous of him. A lot of celebs bitch and moan about fans, but that was, what, maybe 20 seconds of his day? And it made theirs.’

‘Him driving away and enjoying the moment then figuring out the rest of his “To Do” List like every other dude is just the best.’

‘I am a jaded, suspicious mother fucker. I LOVE The Rock. Dude is consistently the hardest worker in the room while also being a damn good person. I will watch everything he is in.’

‘If I ever find out that The Rock is secretly some sort of sociopath monster and was faking being a good person this whole time, it might break me.’

‘What can he say except you’re welcome 🤷‍♀️’


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