The Proud Boys accidentally smoke-bombed themselves in a supermarket car park – the only 5 brutal takedowns you need

The Proud Boys is an American far-right, violent, all-male organisation, or – to use the correct geopolitical technical terminology – a gang of w*nkers.

At the weekend, one of their rallies turned into a gunfight when a Proud Boy fired at antifascist protesters, who shot back – this being the US.

There were no reports of gunshot injuries after the incident.

However, the Boys’ pride may have taken a hit, after they misjudged a smoke bomb they let off in the car park of a KMart – a cheap supermarket. The language is NSFW.

These five burns absolutely nailed it.






On a more general note –

Perhaps next time they plan to set off a smoke bomb, they should wear some sort of mask.


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Source The Palmer Report Image The Palmer Report