This ‘quadruple nutmeg’ goal went wildly viral and it’s a proper jaw-dropper

The football season hasn’t kicked off in earnest yet but we might not see many more extraordinary goals than this.

It’s a goal from Japan’s 4-0 friendly win against Jamaica in June which has just gone viral on Reddit.

That’s Japanese forward Takefusa Kubo there nutmegging not one but four players in his side’s 4-0 win. And just a few of the things people were saying about it.

‘Holy crap that is impressive! Cant be mad to be scored on that way either, that’s some skill and crazy luck for 4 openings to work there.’

‘That ain’t a nutmeg, he gave em the whole seasoning aisle’

‘This is like when you look online for the tutorial for those imposible trophies for a game, and the guy goes: “see guys? It’s not that difficult”

‘This is more coincidental than anything. He is trying to hit the target, his objective was not to nutmeg four players.’

Well maybe, but still.

‘I think this is one of those “the harder I work, the luckier I get” scenarios.’


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Source Reddit u/NicholRead

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