This woman’s encounter with an airport ‘artist’ went viral with good reason

There aren’t many situations more dull than being stuck at the airport while you wait for your flight, although plenty of things can match it – like doing the ironing, listening to on-hold music or doing the ironing. Did I mention I hate ironing?

When Emma Keane was sitting in the airport waiting to fly from Connecticut to Los Angeles, she spotted a guy who seemed captivated by her, but before the alarm bells had really started to clang, he began to sketch her.

She tells it so much better than we can.


getting handed that piece of sketchbook paper was the most devestating moment of my life ##ChiliDogYumPlz ##LiveFlowSweatDuet ##TheSuicideSquadMovie

♬ original sound – emmakeane

At least the mask must have hidden some of her crushing disappointment.

If you had any doubt as to the difference between expectation and delivery – this explains just how much Emma had bought into the mysterious stranger – and his CRAYOLAS.


my absolutely delusional sense of self-confidence has ravaged me once again

♬ original sound – emmakeane

As one person put it –


People have been drawing Shrek from memory – 19 with differing layers of success

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