This keyboard ‘drum’ demo has gone viral all over again – because it’s just mindblowing

Singaporean tech wizard, Paul Seow, has gone viral again two decades after recording what has to be the best ever drum demo that didn’t include drums.

Just watch what the guy does with this Creative Labs Prodikeys keyboard.

In case you were wondering, Travis Barker is the drummer for Blink-182.

The Creative Labs marketing manager became a viral sensation in 2005, four years after making a series of demos for the Prodikeys website, with the drum version setting the internet alight.

The clip returned to the public consciousness recently, when @kulipeter posted this.

Paul’s mad skills have wowed people all over again, and here are a few things they’ve been saying.

We have no idea how successful the clip was in selling the product, but it looks like it’s still working at least a little magic.

You can find Paul on YouTube, where he discusses …property and food.

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